Swiss Online reputation management for your business

The online reputation of your business is the result of your own actions as well as those of the players of your business’s economic environment including among others competitors, suppliers, clients, employees and subcontractors.

Managing the online reputation of your business is vital for its survival.

Before entering into a business relationship, any future client, supplier, candidate for employment, banker or investor looks up you and your business on the internet.

If they see anything negative, whether true or not, they drop the idea of entering into a business relationship.

A negative image of your company can be created by

  • Hostile forum comments
  • Biased negative news articles
  • Slanderous blog posts
  • Heavily negative product reviews
  • Outdated legal issues
  • Criticism from disgruntled employees
  • Smear campaigns

A bad online image results in the loss of business opportunities : loss of new revenue, reduction inbusiness share, scaring off of potential investors and bright candidates for employment, employee dissatisfaction, increase in the risk of siphoning of revenues by ex-employees.

Online reputation management is vital for the prosperity of your company.

Social networks can amplify the negative image of your business.

We offer a complete solution to actively and discreetly manage the online reputation of your business:

  • Strategic audit of the current online image of your business;
  • Defining the strategic roadmap for the online reputation management for your business ;
  • Roud-the-clock monitoring of the online image;
  • Email alerts of reviews of your business as soon as they appear on the internet
  • Alerts of new mentions of your business on the internet, blogs, forums etc
  • Alerts when negative elements appear on the net, counter-offensive measures to protect positive image
  • Computer cop servicesfor identifying the authors of disparaging posts, comments
  • Locating masterminds behind smear campaigns using computer forensic techniques;
  • Pre-litigationnegotiations with websites and providers where negative content appears
  • Legal proceedings in the appropriate jurisdiction as and when necessary to safeguard the online reputation of your business
  • E-influence actions to develop a positive online image for your business ;
  • Online signal detection, early warning in case of launch of new online smear campaigns,
  • Crisis management in negative element flood situations, damage control and counterattacks to preserve positive image

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