Swiss online reputation management services for celebrities and PEP

Whether you are a well-known business man, an international lawyer, a sports star, a well-known cinema actor, a banker, a politician, a PEP (Politically Exposed Person), a famous doctor,or just a private individual, we can discreetly manage your online reputation and generate solid returns swiss-style by building on the positive elements of your online image.

We act as private bankers for your online image and reputation and act discreetly to accrue the positive impact of your online image.

We offer the following services :

  • Strategic audit of the your current online image;
  • Defining the strategic roadmap for your online reputation management;
  • Personal branding, positive image creation
  • Discreet e-influence actions to develop positive image
  • Round-the-clock monitoring of your online image;
  • Alerts of new mentions of you on the internet, blogs, forums etc
  • Alerts when negative elements appear on the net, counter-offensive measures to protect positive image
  • Expressremedial and corrective actions to suppress negative elements (slander, diffamatory remarks etc.)  through pre-litigation negotiations or lawsuits
  • Online signal detection, early warning in case of launch of new online smear campaigns,
  • Crisis management in negative element flood situations, damage control and counterattacks to preserve positive image
  • Computer cop services for identifying the authors of disparaging posts, comments, and locating masterminds behind smear campaigns;
  • Preliminary pre-litigation settlement talks with the appropriate principals
  • Legal proceedings in the appropriate jurisdiction as and when necessary to safeguard your online reputation

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