Services for protecting copyright and intellectual property on the internet

Copyright law protects original creative works, excluding purely functional work.

We bring in the technical and legal expertise to track down the offenders engaged in copyright infringement.

We can get websites pulled down by the provider without notice (and get them back up), and get competitors blacklisted from search engine advertising and organic indexed results (and get clients back into the engines).

We cannegotiate “cease and desist” settlements or initiate legal action for copyright infringement in the appropriate jurisdiction through our legal network.

We provide technical, IT and legal assistance and guidance throughout the entire process of protecting your valuable creative work (and defending against claims of copyright infringement asserted by other copyright lawyers and copyright attorneys).

Typical business cases of copyright infringement where our technical and legal support team can swing into action:

  • Pirated versions of my audio, video recordings are illicitly posted on the internet.
  • Digital copies of my copyrighted books are being illegally published or sold on the internet
  • My business’s website has been copied.
  • My proprietary digital content is hosted overseas by my competitor in an attempt to evade legal consequences.
  • An employee left my company with a copy of the website, which he promptly launched.
  • Photographs of my company’s products are used by my competitor to sell competing products.

We provide the following services to our customers when they face copyright infringement:

  • Complete audit of infringement using computer forensic techniques
  • Computer cop services for tracking down infringers
  • Establishing legal identity and country of domicile of copyright infringers as well as the providers hosting the offending content
  • Define strategy based on the copyright laws applicable in the country’s competent jurisdiction
  • Analysis of all motivations behind infringement
  • Round-the-clock monitoring of the infringement activity
  • Injunctions to the providerhosting the offending content to take swift action to help cease infringement wherever be the country of his legal domicile
  • Pre-litigation « cease and desist » negotiations with offenders
  • Legal action in the competent court

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