Private sphere protection on the internet and web cleaning services

Sensitive and confidential information belonging to the private sphere (emails, letters, photos, videos, internal documents …) may get published on the internet through inadvertence or because of malevolent actions.

It is an offense to takes pictures of a person using a telephone, camera or webcam, in a private environment without his consent, to keep these pictures without his consent or to make them available to third parties without his consent.

We offer technical and legal services that put a quick end to illegal publication of data belonging to the private sphere.

  • Computer cop services to identify source of leak of confidential information
  • Establish legal identity of offenders publishing data belonging to the private sphere
  • Take-down notices to providers
  • Cease-and-desist pre-litigation negotiations with offenders and their providers
  • Web cleaning and purging of private information adapting to the jurisdiction of the offender and the hosting provider

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